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 Cat 6 wiring of house - two storeys plus attic - b
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Posted - 03/21/2007 :  09:14:21 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Afternoon all,

I am currently renovating my new home and in the process am having it rewired so that I have cat 6 connections in virtually all rooms.

The house has three main living spaces downstairs, four bedrooms upstairs with one bathroom and one en suite. Almost all of these rooms will get one or more Cat 6 connections

The converted attic is going to become my office space and will be home to the main network controls (my adsl connection will come in here and the main switch will be here).

My question is how the house should be wired. Initially I was going to have Cat 6 cables run directly back from each Cat 6 wall connection to the switch in the attic/office. However, someone that typically knows more about these things than me suggested this was madness. They suggested I have a switch on the ground floor which I connect all the ground floors Cat 6 wall connections, running a single Cat 6 cable from this swith to the main switch in the attic. They suggested I do the same for upstairs, so in effect I have one main switch in the attic and one smaller one on the other two floors.

Does anyone here have any thoughts on which of the above is best practice or is there another alternative?

Many thanks,


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Posted - 03/21/2007 :  12:54:45 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
First this is not insteon related and should be discussed in another form.

Personally I rather have just one switch for technical reasons (latency, shared bandwidth etc.). You will notice this alot more on higher use networks than you would for example, just using the internet.

I won't go into details hear but ...
The only reason I can see to use multiple switches would be to save on wiring, or if you are running over the maximum cable length between devices of 330 feet; Otherwise I would suggest going with just one switch, IMHO.
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Posted - 03/27/2007 :  11:23:06 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
First this is "Wires, Cables and Jack" related and should be discussed here just as much as anywhere else.

Second, for home applications, it's a wash because the multiple switches will cost more than the additional wiring. But, trust me it is not madness, there are a lot of home remodels now that are wiring every room -- and multiple places --- for CAT6 --- in fact I recommend 2 CAT6 and 2 RG59 2 every location where you could possibly want a Telephone, TV or computer, which is 2 or 3 places in every room. And, if this is a 2 story house without attic access over the ground floor, then add a couple of spots in the ceiling for things like Wireless Access Points, IR intrusion alarms, smoke alarms, etc.

This is very cheap future-proofing. You will never be sorry there is too much CAT6 and RG59 in your walls and ceilings.


Electronic Engineer and Electrical Contractor but new to INSTEON
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Posted - 04/25/2007 :  8:23:27 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote


I was in the resi V/D/C/A cabling business, but I left.....

And my home is a good example why. Unless you have money to burn, do not wire your home with the"latest and greatest cable".
Ask your D/C contractors how many UNUSED, !EVER! Cat5,5e,6.... Drops they have replaced with Cat7 or 8 or 9 or whatever rating they choose next,etc,etc,etc............

OR, Have incrementally replaced at owner cost?????


People don't move their TVs and home offices that much.
And if you want to surf a little while having a drink on the deck, I'll bet the wireless card in your laptop works better than a 50 foot patch cord from one of your many "easily accessible" albeit very expensive drops.

I'm gonna paste in a little from am earlier post.........But alittle later....

Ask you LV, DataComm whatever they call themselves: at what height on the finish wall did you or will you drop these? Will it be good for a TV, or maybe a desk, or maybe a router..........

And the answer will be...................



Posted - 01/21/2007 : 9:11:04 PM


Just my input.

String is cheaper than multiple cable runs. After having relocated my TV, etc three times and just today bought a new 46" LCD.....

You will never have the right cables in the right spots.

I put in a 4" EMT from attic to basement years ago(the best thing I've ever done) and I've dropped (2X)CAT 5e and RG6QS everywhere I can get to.

It was all in the wrong place for my new TV.

I spent the afternoon snaking and cutting.

A good portion of the expensive wire in my walls will never be used.

Today, while I was in my attic and basement with the 1 inch nail-eater and the snakes, I dropped strings in every stud bay I could get to. My wife thought I was nuts, but, I'm sick of measuring and cutting and drilling in MY house.

I had the drill and tape measure with me, so why not. I've done this too many times, and I'm totally pissed off becauase it's MY HOUSE.

SO, I would recommend that if can't afford, or don't know where to put what cabling..... That you at least put in what I call Pulls. If you drop a pull (string) or whatever in every bay, you can grab it later with your snake and save yourself a ton of time.

Cabling is very expensive, and reworking or removing a previously installed drop and relocating it because it's no longer asthecially pleasing with a nice wall mounted TV is a pain in the butt.

I say leave your options open, don't over wire the place, and remember, everything is temporary.


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caroline brown
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Posted - 04/17/2010 :  04:05:02 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Cat 6 wiring provides 200 MHz for category 6, near end crosstalk, equal level far end crosstalk, return loss and better insertion loss. Thus provides higher signal to noise ratio, higher data rates for future application and allow higher reliability for current applications.
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Posted - 04/29/2010 :  03:19:18 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
This is perfect, ken, thanks so much for the reply. My wife and I will be building our dream house soon, and I was wondering if it would be advantageous to go crazy with the cat 5. This solidifies my belief that its probably not worth it to go too crazy.

I would like to set up a rack in a av closet with ir to rf to ir repeaters and bring HD quality sound and video to the movie room game room, master bedroom (mainly sound there) and living room. So I know I'll need speaker wire, I'm thinking 14g ought to do in wall (thoughts?) that will be easy to figure out placing. But the best thing I saw for video was this
( ) hdtv signal distribution kit, any other ideas on that? Has anyone run hdmi cables in wall from a central location, approx 50-150ft pulls? Also would it be advantageous to cat 5 the thermostat or any other particular spots or just stick with the isy-99 system.

I'm definitely looking at the iphone/itouch being the main remote for all my endeavors.

Thanks in advance!
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Posted - 05/02/2010 :  01:37:17 AM  Show Profile  Visit stusviews's Homepage  Reply with Quote
When we bought our old home and later added a room, I added the ability to have low voltage in lots of places and installed cables where needed at that time. Since then one cable (S-Video) is no longer used and one's been added (HDMI). Also one Cat5 and many new and original telephone runs now go unused. I still add cable occasionally.

Any cable you add now and don't immediately need will probably be outdated by the time you need it.

Too, I prefer 16 gauge wire for speakers.

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Posted - 10/31/2011 :  04:06:10 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Cat 6 wiring is best way to create computer and electronic networks. It is made up of four different installation so it has four different national electrical code designations which depend upon the usage.
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Posted - 12/27/2012 :  2:15:36 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Just putting my 2 cents down. out in the market there are cat6 and catA which both do 10 gb but cat 6 a is a lot more expensive. and will let you pull long run ture 90 meter.

I will choose base on the longest run for my house. not talking about comercial building, for that use fiber for the rise. normal house are under 20 meters so I won't waste my $$$ on cat6A. My rule of thumb is to have 2 cat5/6/rg6 outlet on 2 walls out of the 4 wall in each room. if you have a big long family room think fo 2 for where you are going to put the tv and 2 for behind your sofa. but for 12 X 15 bed room or smaller. 1 cat5/6 by your night stand or 1 for each night stand, and 1 to 2 by the dresser (where you will put TV) go cat 6 for TV but not HDMI as you can get a cat 6 to hdmi converter and you won't be needing many, also cat5 are easier to run then HDMI. remember to use cat5/6 for phone as well. this is why I said ideally 1 cat for both night stand. for camera on outside of you house use POE IP camera they are ok in price now. 2 drop for each exterial wall, 1 at each end pointing at each other, if there is intruder you get their face either way.

why do I have to signed up to post, I hate this, as people who are experience they are driving by to find more info. and if the like to give to the community and you put a lock on it they will just go away. it should be 2 different way to post with account and 1 with just type and post
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Posted - 12/27/2012 :  2:24:31 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
yes, someone mentioned don't do the latest and greatest, true, that is why I do cat6 instead of cat6a. my house, the longest is 50 feet. if you loop it once that is 100 feet about 33 meters. and cat 6 will do 10gb for 55 meters so... why do cat6. guys what is out there is a static thing how you apply it is where you need to do custom fitting. if a customer wants cat6a fine they will have to pay for it. but the installer should explain to them cat 6 will be enoug.

some people might say why do physical wire instead of wireless, well, you try stream blueray quality over wireless. wireless is way good enough if your device is hitting the internet only as there aren't many of us using ethernet for internet. and if you are in the east cost where building/house are concrete and bricks then you probably want to use physical.

why do I have to signed up to post, I hate this, as people who are experience they are driving by to find more info. and if the like to give to the community and you put a lock on it they will just go away. it should be 2 different way to post with account and 1 with just type and post
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