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 Solar power: is it worth it? What's the deal?
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Posted - 07/09/2015 :  03:03:03 AM  Show Profile  Visit weijing3333's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Solar power: is it worth it? What's the deal?
Considering a solar power installation on my roof on my commercial premises
Anyone done this before? Pros? Cons? Savings? Earnings?

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Posted - 07/11/2015 :  10:19:28 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Location is everything. Besides having a large enough, unobstructed, close to southern exposure area for the panels, how much sunshine does your area provide in a year? If your panels are stationary, as opposed to following the sun, you'll lose about 25% to 30% efficiency, but the movable panels are significantly more expensive.
The hardware is not inexpensive either, although some governments provide up to about 50% incentive. I did the study several years ago and, realizing the panels would be covered by snow about 6 months in a year, the numbers did not justify my investment. My friend living quite a bit south from me put up a system costing him $100k plus the same amount from the government, while his return on investment was 20 years.
Since then the cost of electricity has gone up, the cost of hardware down, so you have to do the evaluation yourself. The life expectancy of the equipment is another story, 20 years seem to be overly optimistic (this is based on statistical calculations and, as Disraeli said, there are lies, damned lies and statistics). Our city built a large solar farm a few years ago. Since then about 2/3 of the panels had to be replaced and because I have been unable to obtain any data about the performance of the solar farm I assume it has been nothing for the politicians to brag about.
One company (NRG) advertises heavily on the TV to install a system at no up-front cost. You must listen to the commercial very carefully lest you want to believe that your cost of electricity will drop to next to nothing. Whether you borrow the money from the bank or let an installer finance the system, they all are there to make money and the piper will have to be paid.

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Posted - 08/21/2016 :  10:00:48 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Installing a solar power will depend on the location and how much energy is consumed. The costs will also rely with that. By the way, it is advisable to consult a professional solar contractor before you install a system.

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Kyile Rey
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Posted - 08/26/2016 :  02:47:53 AM  Show Profile  Visit Kyile Rey's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Solar Power Pros

$ savings: As I said above, whether or not solar power will save you money, and how much it will save you, depends on a lot of factors specific to your situation. That said, if you have an unshaded roof that can host solar panels, thereís a high likelihood that solar power will save you tens of thousands of dollars over their lifetime.

Some might not care whether an investment saves them tens of thousands of dollars over two or three decades, but may care more about how fast the investment offers a return, what the ROI is. In many places, solar offers a very attractive ROI, but perhaps more importantly, you can often go solar through a lease, power purchase agreement, or loan these days, meaning that you can be saving money from the first month, but simply not saving as much over the long run. So, whether you are looking to maximize your return or simply start saving as soon as possible, solar power very likely offers exactly what you want.
On a broader, society level, solar power is a commonsense financial decision these days. The public health, climate, and environmental savings from using solar instead of fossil fuels are huge, and even if you didnít include those, solar is now cheaper than fossil fuels in a number of places anyway.

If you just care about money, or assume that this is the ultimate bottom line, then this solar power pro should have you sold already, so you can stop reading now. #128512;

Protects our climate, air, and water: In the end, it really doesnít matter how much money you have if you donít have a livable climate, clean air, or clean water. And the scientific consensus is very clear by now: we need to cut carbon emissions drastically in order to protect our climate and this society, and solar power is a key way to do so. Similarly, solar power and wind power offer the most logical and cost-effective ways to cut pollution from electricity generation and also preserve our limited freshwater resources.
Boosts grid security: Again, on a broader level, a solar power pro is that it improves grid security. Whether through a terrorist attack or extreme weather, if a large power plant or a couple are knocked out in a grid without much distributed generation or energy storage, the whole grid can be compromised and have a blackout. The more distributed, small-scale solar power is on the grid, the more balance and resiliency the grid has.

Provides energy reliability: Similarly but also a bit different, solar offers energy reliability. We know the sun will rise tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, etc. Nothing compares to solar when talking about energy potential. In the chart below, note that the renewable energy circles are representing annual energy potential, while the fossil fuel and nuclear energy circles are representing total known reserves.

Jakin ID Technology
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Posted - 11/16/2016 :  01:35:45 AM  Show Profile  Send spicypeaches an AOL message  Reply with Quote
Here is a list of a Solar Power pros and cons
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Posted - 02/07/2017 :  7:04:27 PM  Show Profile  Visit kcmoelectrician's Homepage  Reply with Quote
great list of pros and cons on the link above my post. thanks for sharing
i would just add that you need to read the fine print and be careful. some of them will lock you into buying the equipment if you ever decide to sell you house.
some of the companies are good and other not so good. just do your research first

Kansas city Electrician
6304 NW Barry RD UNIT 901376A
Kansas city, MO 64154
(816) 579-0187

Edited by - kcmoelectrician on 02/07/2017 7:05:21 PM
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