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 Insteon Leak Sensors not working
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Posted - 07/31/2018 :  9:06:25 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
So I came home from a trip the other day, and there was one of my Insteon leak sensors sitting in a puddle of water that came from the freezer. After throwing out the food, I took a look at the sensor to see why it didn't alert me. Tried shorting the contacts with water and a knife - nothing. Pressing the button - the lights work just fine. Deleted it from the app and re-added it. No problem. Tried testing it again - nothing. When the sensor detects water, the light blinks as it sends a signal to the hub. No lights coming on so no message being sent. I figured I better check out my other sensors. So of 4 sensors, 2 send no alerts, 1 sends a wet alert but never a dry message, so I guess you have to delete and re-add it every time it detects water. And 1 works as it should. I pulled a brand new one out of a box and tested it. Like the other, it detected water but never a dry message. So of 5 sensors, 4 (80%)failed. Are other people seeing this failure rate of the leak sensors? I tried changing the batteries - no difference. Granted - these sensors may be 3 years old by now, maybe a bit older. But that high a failure rate with no indication? Looking at the sensors - 2852-222 3415REV2.3.
So another question - Does anyone have a recommendation for a good leak sensor?
Feeling really grumpy tonight....


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Posted - 07/31/2018 :  9:27:30 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I think you have to manually set them back to the dry state after they detect moisture.

Go to the Check-ins page to view the sensor. Short the contacts with a moist paper towel to go into Wet mode. The Hub should send out any programmed alert, and the indicator on the page should show a red dot to indicate it has been activated. Remove the short, then tap the Set button on the sensor to set that sensor back to dry mode, essentially ‘arming’ it for a wet event.
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Posted - 07/31/2018 :  9:48:34 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks for the info. I have two that send a dry event without having to reset the sensor, I think they may be the first ones I bought. One is bad. The others the reset works. I didn't even try that because of the dry messages I initially got with the others. I guess I will RTFM next time.
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EVIL Teken
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Posted - 08/04/2018 :  10:52:29 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by GrumpyDad

Thanks for the info. I have two that send a dry event without having to reset the sensor, I think they may be the first ones I bought. One is bad. The others the reset works. I didn't even try that because of the dry messages I initially got with the others. I guess I will RTFM next time.

Just wanted to add some more insight and clarity. In the very first generations of these leak sensors. If the sensor became wet and later became dry the sensor would automatically reflect that wet / dry state.

Later versions changed that behavior where once it became wet the user needed to go on site and reset the sensor to dry. There is a use case both methods as the latter ensures that the person will go back to inspect, clean up, repair, what ever.

Than, reset the sensor . . .

If the sensor operated like the first generation a quick wet condition that later disappeared could go undetected forever. Water damage, mold, etc would more than likely ensue.

Regardless of what sensor you have in place a good controller and proper alert notifications is a must. I have the standard issue SMS, Email, Push notifications.

This is to provide global alert notifications when not on site locally. To ensure local notification is present and known I have many custom KPL keys that simply become *ON* to show the zone of interest. This is coupled with a voice announcement, strobe, and reader board that displays the fault area in simple texts with a map of the area.

The controller is programmed to repeat the email every 24 hours unless I manually press one of the custom KPL buttons or via the Admin Console.

Teken . . .

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Edited by - EVIL Teken on 08/04/2018 10:54:23 AM
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Posted - 08/09/2018 :  11:55:04 AM  Show Profile  Visit Autonow's Homepage  Reply with Quote
The problem with most insteon wireless sensors is there is no feedback. You simply wait for the event to occur and hope the sensor transmits a signal to your controller. I have had just about every wireless sensor insteon makes fail to detect an event at a critical time. It is to the point I am looking for better solutions. I like the ge wireless it is 2 way so you always know the device is working. I plan on using my elk security system to implement more critical alarms. With most security system there is added logic to check to make sure the device is there and working. I think this is a good requirement for leaks!
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Posted - 01/20/2019 :  05:40:16 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I bought one Insteon leak sensor in 2015 (2852-222,3514REV2.2) which works as I would hope and expect a sensor to work. While is detects water - I get leak detection messages. When it no longer senses water - it automatically resets itself and sends out a dry message. DONE! Perfect.

In 2016 I bought a 4 pack of Insteon leak sensors (2852-222, 3815REV2.3 and 4714REV2.3). These however, do not work the way that my 2015 unit works. These, once triggered by water, continue to send out a leak alert until you physically press the reset button on the unit. So they never send out a dry alert (until you press the reset button) even if the water goes away.

Is this an example of new and improved? I'll pass. If this is truly the way they are meant to work than they are useless to me.

Also, there is mention of a heartbeat. How and where I get/use that? I don't see anything in the hub app.

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