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 Which Insteon modules still support X10
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Posted - 05/09/2018 :  1:08:01 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Is there an official list of which current production Insteon modules still support X10? Maybe Tfitzpatri8 could get this information directly? I have found that this forum (and others) has in the past sometimes contained incorrect information on this subject. Likewise, the marketing information and manuals on the Smarthome and Insteon websites cannot be trusted to provide accurate up-to-date information as it pertains to this subject. At the very least, the list should include X10 support status for the following modules: 2477D, 2477S, 2334-222, 2334-232, 2475DA1, 2475SDB, 2635-222, 2457D2, 2450, 2442-222, 2443-222, and 2444-222. It would also be beneficial to know for each module whether or not the X10 support includes X10 Scenes. And finally, the list should state for each module the current production version number (Vx.xx).

Edited by - x10guru on 05/09/2018 1:08:51 PM

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Posted - 05/09/2018 :  3:43:31 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
No list needed as insteon is actively removing x10 from all of their devices. None of the few that still have support is capable of x10 scenes

X10 compatible:
2450 (iolinc)
Micro modules

Edited by - lilyoyo1 on 05/09/2018 6:23:44 PM
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Posted - 05/09/2018 :  3:46:14 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I don’t have that info, you’d need to contact INSTEON directly to discuss your needs.

Even if they’ve dropped support for that protocol in all production lines, they may still have a supply of new-old stock in the corner of a warehouse to support legacy customers.
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Posted - 05/09/2018 :  7:03:05 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The list from lilyoyo1 seems correct, but incomplete, if one goes by what is stated in the manuals.

The latest manual for the 2334-222 and 2334-232 keypads is dated 7/25/2013, and the manual states that X10 and X10 scenes are supported. I have a 2334-222 keypad, V7.8, date code 5115, and it does indeed support X10 and X10 scenes.

The latest manual for the 2477D dimmer switch is dated 2/10/2015, and the manual does not say whether or not X10 is supported. However, I have a 2477D dimmer switch, V7.8, date code 0816, which does indeed support X10 and X10 scenes (contrary to what one might infer from the manual).

So I was hoping someone who has purchased one of these keypads or dimmer switches recently, say in 2018, could confirm whether or not current production versions of these still support X10. Not much of a response yet, it seems as if I am in enemy territory here, this being a Insteon forum, not a X10 forum.
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Posted - 05/09/2018 :  7:36:03 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Rev 7.8 came out years ago while they still had x10. The latest revision I am aware of it being removed was 8.2 which was last year. I don't use x10 but my information came from a reliable source so i am comfortable passing on that information. Yes the kpl dimmers did support x10 back in 2013. As many can attest the 2487s stopped supporting x10 years ago but the manual still shows support for it.

You could contact insteon directly for more information.

Edited by - lilyoyo1 on 05/09/2018 7:46:03 PM
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Posted - 05/09/2018 :  8:07:38 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Back in February I emailed Insteon tech support and asked about X10 support for the Dimmer Keypad 2334-222 and the Dimmer Switch 2477D. At first, James from Insteon tech support told me that the Dimmer Keypads and Dimmer Switches are no longer X10 compatible. But this is contrary to what it still says in the latest manual for the Keypad. I wanted to get this straight, so I questioned Insteon tech support again, asking ... is the Keypad manual incorrect?

Sean (from Insteon tech support) replied: "At this time we have not removed the X10 compatibility out of our devices but we have stopped advertising the X10 functionality. We do expect in the next year or so to completely remove this feature as supporting X10 is not a part of our future road map and we never intended to keep that functionality for the long haul. When the change happens we will make an announcement on the site and remove the X10 references in the manuals. We started giving out the message you received over a year ago to help mitigate the pain when we finally make that move….so it won’t be a surprise… but for now they are still compatible."

So it is difficult to know who or what to believe. Maybe I will just have to order a 2334-222 Keypad and find out for myself.
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Posted - 05/15/2018 :  5:36:48 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I just purchased a new 2334-222 Dimmer Keypad and a new 2477D Dimmer Switch from Smarthome. I bench tested both, and both still support X10, as I was able to add an X10 address by following the usual method in the instruction manual. The 2334-222 Dimmer Keypad is Revision 8.0 with date code 4517, and the 2477D Dimmer Switch is Revision 8.2 with date code 3117.

Edited by - x10guru on 05/31/2018 11:52:56 AM
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Posted - 05/16/2018 :  03:12:49 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thank you for the update.
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Junior Member

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Posted - 05/31/2018 :  12:08:21 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I just purchased a new 2334-232 Dimmer Keypad (6 Button) which also still supports X10. The 2334-232 Dimmer Keypad (6 button) is Revision 8.0 with date code 0218.
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Posted - 01/21/2019 :  6:53:11 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Does the 2477d still support X10?
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Posted - 01/22/2019 :  10:13:53 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
As of 12/03/2018, yes 2477D still supports X10, according to SeanM, forum administrator. For reference see

Also, back on 8/20/2018, on, I posted the following:

Insteon modules that support X10 (based on the owner's manuals found on

2334-222 Dimmer Keypad - 8 Button - White
2334-223 Dimmer Keypad - 8 Button - Ivory
2334-225 Dimmer Keypad - 8 Button - Light Almond
2334-232 Dimmer Keypad - 6 Button - White
2334-233 Dimmer Keypad - 6 Button - Ivory
2334-235 Dimmer Keypad - 6 Button - Light Almond
2487S On/Off Keypad - 6 Button - White

2466DW Toggle Dimmer Switch - White
2466SW Toggle On/Off Switch - White
2477S On/Off Switch - White
2477SIV On/Off Switch - Ivory
2477SLAL On/Off Switch - Light Almond
2477D Dimmer Switch - White
2477DIV Dimmer Switch - Ivory
2477DLAL Dimmer Switch - Light Almond
(note: manual for 2477D does not mention X10 support, but these still do support X10 based on bench test of recently purchased 2477D V8.2 switch)

2442-222 Micro Dimmer
2443-222 Micro On/Off
2444-222 Micro Open/Close
2452-222 DIN Rail Dimmer
2453-222 DIN Rail On/Off
2475DA1 In-Line Dimmer
2475SDB In-Line On/Off
2477SA2 240V 30A Relay

2472DWH Dimmer Outlet - White
2472DIV Dimmer Outlet - Ivory
2472DLAL Dimmer Outlet - Light Almond

1626-10 10A Plug-In Filter
2413S Serial Modem
2413U USB Modem
2450 Plug-In Low Voltage Controller

Owner’s manuals for the following do NOT mention X10 support:
2663-222 Dual On/Off Outlet - White
2663-223 Dual On/Off Outlet - Ivory
2663-225 Dual On/Off Outlet - Light Almond
2477DH Dimmer Switch High Wattage - White

Owner’s manuals for the following specifically say X10 NOT supported:
2457D2 Plug-In Dimmer (versions prior to V3.6 do have X10 support)
2634-222 Plug-In On/Off Outdoor
2635-222 Plug-In On/Off
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Christopher Eriksen
Starting Member

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Posted - 11/25/2021 :  4:14:15 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I too am looking to migrate into legacy Insteon products to start.
are there any updates to the products listed in this thread?
I have roughly 100 x10 products installed in my house.
I've been researching how these legacy Insteon products work with x10
and it's been an uphill battle.
at the moment I'm relying on a Monterey Instruments Macro module IR
for all my x10 macros. Hoping to find an a Insteon (or other device)
that can perform macros across multiple x10 house codes from a x10 command. Not interested in tying up a computer or depending on the internet. want to keep my system stand alone.

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Posted - 11/26/2021 :  03:27:52 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Few things to consider. With X10 primary addresses in an Insteon module.

Most of the Insteon modules need a Neutral power connection to work. The X10 dimmer switches are two wire and steal power through the Load. Verifying a neutral would be best.

Multi way switches with Insteon or an X10 primary address in an Insteon module do not use a traveler wire between the switches. Each gets linked together to control each other in Insteon and an X10 primary address in them for X10 control. One has the Load wire to the load the other one is capped off. Both need a Line and Neutral power connection.

If you use the local control paddle or toggle button. Unlike X10 it will send a X10 or Insteon command back to the power lines.

X10 dimmers use the standard On Full and dim down or the Extended X10 command to dim.
Insteon modules with an X10 primary address also can use the full On and dim down or a %Dim command. So things like X10s CM15A can not dim an Insteon module with the Extended X10 dim command but should be OK with the older standard dim.

I did a test with an X10 CM15A with AHP and a Smarthome Essentials X10 compatible 1132CU controller. Using the other protocols controller. Some did not work exactly as expected.

Edited by - BLH on 11/26/2021 04:39:07 AM
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Posted - 11/26/2021 :  09:57:24 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Many of the Insteon devices on the list are currently not available because of Covid, or have been discontinued.

Smartlabs now has the new Nokia Smart Lighting product line, so is unknown how long the legacy Insteon products will still be produced.

Might not be very wise at this time to migrate into legacy Insteon.

Over on, member brobin has been recommending the Smartenit Harmony P2 with a bundled Insteon 2412U PLM, cost is only $60. Smartenit also has more capable hubs if you want to spend a little more.

A Smartenit hub is the way to go for those with large X10 installations, it handles X10, Insteon, and Zigbee, along with a smartphone app and voice control via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

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